Piiptsjilling is a quartet consisting of Jan Kleefstra (poetry, vocals), Romke Kleefstra (guitars), Mariska Baars (guitar and vocals) and Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek, electronics). The band name (pronounced 'peep-chilling') is Frisian, also the language of Jan Kleefstra's poetry.

Either live of in a studio setting, their music is always improvised on the spot. Working highly intuitively, the quartet patiently moves through stretches of melancholic dreamscapes, varying between abstract minimalism and dense drones.

Piiptsjilling's first (self titled) album was released by the Dutch label Onomatopee in 2008, followed by the albums 'Wurdskrieme' (Experimedia, 2011), 'Moerwardt' (Midira, 2014) and 'Molkedrippen' (Spekk, 2014).

selected discography

  1. Molkedrippen | SPEKK | CD | 2014
  2. Moerwardt | Midira |CD | 2014
  3. Wurdskrieme | Experimedia | CD/LP | 2011
  4. Piiptsjilling | Onomatopee | CD | 2008