Peter Wright


New Zealand native Peter Wright has invested a significant chunk of the last 20 years investigating ways of deconstructing the guitar, loosening the shackles by which the instrument is traditionally constrained, and presenting re-imagined abstract audio fields. At times Wright's instrumental musings have an almost lyrical, poetic familiarity, like a half-formed memory flickering out a distant signal from damaged synapses. The primitive musical forms that result can seem deeply personal and intimate, almost as if you have stumbled upon a private ceremony by accident, but despite the feeling you are an intruder, you cannot pull away.

For the past decade Wright has worked under his own name, recording and performing from bases in New Zealand and the UK, as well as touring Europe and the USA, and releasing 7 albums (including one double and one triple disc set) and a host of limited edition cdrs and records on labels across the world including Install, Celebrate PSI Phenomenon, PseudoArcana, Last Visible Dog, Archive, Students of Decay, Digitalis.

After a year of traveling and keeping a low profile, 2009 has so far seen the issue of no less than 2 full length albums ('Snow Blind' 2xCD [Install], 'Bright Failing Star' LP [Release The Bats], a 7" record and two collaborative projects, and work has begun on a collectors box of out of print and unreleased recordings, photography, film and ephemera from the past 6 or so years of activity.

selected discography

  1. Bright Failing Star | Release The Bats | LP | 2009
  2. Snow Blind | Install | 2xCD | 2009
  3. The Terrifying Realisation We Might Be Wrong | Dirty Knobby Records | 7" | 2009
  4. Burning A Hole In The Sun | Waterscape Records | 3" CDr | 2008
  5. Pretty Mushroom Clouds | Archive Recordings | CD | 2007
  6. Magpie Attack On The Back Road To Albert Town | Dirty Knobby Records | 7" | 2007
  7. Crater Lake | Blackest Rainbow | CDr | 2007
  8. At Last A New Dawn | Students Of Decay | 2xCD | 2007
  9. Air Guitar | Drone Records | 7" | 2006
  10. Red Lion | Digitalis | CD | 2006
  11. Pariahs Sing Om | Last Visible Dog | 3xCD | 2006
  12. Desolation Beauty Violence | Ikuisuus | CD | 2005
  13. Yellow Horizon | Pseudoarcana | CD | 2005
  14. Distant Bombs | Last Visible Dog | CD | 2004