Optiope is a duo formed by Date Tomoyoshi and Chihei Hatakeyama in autumn 2002. Tomoyoshi started to make music at the age of 14 being influenced by the Beatles. He make his first record appearance on the Spekk compilation "Small Melodies" followed by Illuha project with Corey Fuller, and Melodia with Federico Durand. Chihei started his band career being influenced by hardcore, metal then to German rock and modern classical music. He has released his first solo album in 2006 on the Kranky label (US). And after that he releeases numerous records from various labels around the globe. In 2013, he launches his own label White Paddy Mountain, and works as an soudn engineer for countless musicians.

selected discography

  1. Small Melodies (V.A) / Spekk CD 2005
  2. Hau / Spekk CD 2007
  3. A Colony Of Kuala Mute Geeks / White Paddy Mountain CD 2013
  4. Physis / Spekk CD 2014