Kazuya Matsumoto is a sound artist and percussionist from Kanazawa (Ishikawa) now based in Tokyo. Matsumoto uses any objects that sounds including Japanese instruments like Hamon and Shamisen. He focuses on the sound itself rather than the notes and melodies, and performs and records in the nature to create documental pieces. By mixing his performance with environmental sounds, he transforms the whole space giving the audience a new experience.

2013 Received the grad prix award in the Otokuchi project which was held as the related project of Setouchi International Art Festival.
2014 Produced music for Primitive Sense Art Festival.
2015 Released his 1st solo album "Mizu no katachi" from SPEKK label.
2016 Joined the gKenko music festivalh organized by the Commons label hosted by Ryuichi Sakamoto. He has also toured extensively throughout Japan (56 shows) as the gMizu no Katachi release tourh.
2017 Matsumoto's first sound installation gSound capsule ~ Kazuya Matsumoto himself as an exhibith was exhibited at the "Nakagin Capsule Tower OPEN CELL 2017h held at a profound architecture designed by Kisho Kurokawa.

He has also previously shared stages with musicians such as Asuna, Ametsub, Opitope, kyoka, sawako, Akio Suzuki, Chihei Hatakeyama, Takashi Tsuda, Tomoko Sauvage, Keiji Haino, busstrio, Haruka Nakamura, FourColor, Yosuke Fujita, Federico Durand, Minamo, 34423 and Yui Onodera. And as a drummer, he plays in bands FilFla (with Keiichi Sugimoto), Mergrim x Kazuya Matsumoto, and with Itoken as Speakers etc.

selected discography

  1. Mizu No Katachi | SPEKK | CD | 2015
  2. OchiruChiruMichiru | SPEKK | CD | 2017