B.G.Nichols is a sound researcher, artist and designer, living and working in the UK. He has been active in the experimental scene for the last 23 years, and has operated under various guises and roles as a staff writer and reviewer for various prominent underground magazines, and as a promoter, and artist in his own right. With his first successful project, ECM:323 co-founded with Linden Hale, he enjoyed success as a sound installation artist with presentations at major UK galleries, including the Museum of Installation, The Art House Lewisham, South London Gallery, ICA, and the Institute of Contemporary Sculpture. ECM:323 also launched their work at SONAR in Barcelona in 1999 and 2001.
 In 2004, Nichols temporarily shelved his collaborative sound installation work to devote himself to the production and promotion of his own sound works under the names Si-COMM, and Level. More recently, his work has achieved new levels of minimalism via his microsound/remix project, FOURM, currently enjoying success with the Archisonics book/CD project in collaboration with U.S. sound worker, Andy Graydon, on his own WHITE_LINE imprint. FOURM has also been released for leerraum [ ] , Stasisfield, and Koyuki Sound.
 Level is still Nicholsf most popular project, however, and with releases on Spekk and Smallfish his works have appealed to a wider audience internationally.

selected discography

  1. Aeus Part 2 / Smallfish / CDR 2007
  2. Aeus Part 1 / Smallfish / CDR 2007
  3. Shalan / Polymorphic / MP3 2006
  4. Shimmer / Polymorphic / MP3 2005
  5. Cycla / SPEKK / CD 2005
  6. probe (with s.e.t.i) / Vivo / CD 2004