Joe Grimm


Joe Grimm (formerly known as The Wind-Up Bird) is a composer/performer based in Providence, RI. Drawing inspiration from Charlemagne Palestine, Gyorgy Ligeti, and Alvin Lucier (with whom he has studied), Grimm makes music that involves acoustical and psychological phenomena. His work applies rational, structuralist tools in pursuit of irrational, ecstatic results. Performances frequently take the form of meditations: resonance, repetition, friction, and disintegration become the hypnotic focal points in an attempt to reach a state of inner tranquility and heightened attention to sonic minutiae. Grimm has collaborated with artists such as Lucky Dragons, Dirty Projectors, Glenn Branca, Alvin Lucier, Black Forest/Black Sea, and experimental filmmaker Ben Russell.

selected discography

  1. Mono No Aware / Self Released / CDR 2007
  2. Gong / Self Released / CDR 2007
  3. Bleeding Hertz / Self Released / CDR 2007
  4. Sun Circle / Self Released / Cassette 2007
  5. Conduction. Convection. Radiation. / Music Fellowship / Split CD 2005
  6. Whips / Music Fellowship / CD 2003
  7. The Wind-Up Bird / Translucence/Alone CD 2002
  8. Night Falls (WUB / One AM Radio) / Alone/Paramnesia / Split CD/LP 2002)