Richard Chartier (b.1971) minimal sound/installation artist and designer has produced critically acclaimed solo recordings for labels including Trente Oiseaux (Germany), LINE (USA), Meme (Japan), and Fallt (Ireland), as well collaborative works with Nosei Sakata (*0),Taylor Deupree, and Kim Cascone on 12k (USA) and has appeared on numerous international compilations. His minimalist work explores the relationship between sound, silence, focus, and the act of listening. Awarded one of twelve Honorable Mentions in the category of Digital Music by the prestigious Prix Ars Electronica, 2001 (Austria), Chartier's CD Series, was featured in the Whitney Biennial 2002 exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art (NY).

Both his visual and sound works have been exhibited in museums and galleries including ICC (Tokyo, Japan), Castello di Rivoli (Torino, Italy), the Art Institute of Chicago, The Contemporary Museum (Baltimore), Diapason (NY), and Fusebox (DC). As a performer Chartier has been invited to present his work at numerous noted digital music/culture events in North America, Europe, and Japan including MUTEK (Montreal), Transmediale (Berlin), Lovebytes (Sheffield), DEAF (Dublin), Observatori (Valencia, Spain), The Leeds International Film Festival (UK), The Rotterdam International Film Festival (NE) and in conjunction with the sound art exhibit "Frequencies [Hz]" at the Schirn Kunsthalle (Frankfurt).

With Taylor Deupree, he founded the recording label LINE, as a subdivision of 12k documenting compositional and installation work by international sound artists exploring the aesthetics of contemporary and digital minimalism.

selected discogrpahy

  1. 0/r(with Nosei Sakata) / 12k / CD 1999
  2. A hesitant fold / Meme / CD 1999
  3. SPEC. (with Taylor Deupree) / 12k / CD 1999
  4. Series / LINE / 2000
  5. Decisive forms / Trente Oiseaux / CD 2001
  6. After (with Kim Cascone + Taylor Deupree) / 12k / CD 2001
  7. Of surfaces / LINE / 2002
  8. Varied (as 0/r with Nosei Sakata) / 12k / 2002
  9. Two locations / LINE, US / CD 2003
  10. Overview / 3particles / CD 2003
  11. Archival 1991 / Crouton Recordings / CD 2003