Boca Raton


Boca Raton is the ongoing musical project started by Martijn Tellinga (1974, Amsterdam, Netherlands) in 1999. It hovers at the edges of synthesized and concrete-acoustic soundworlds. By using elements of both worlds, its musical form shows the integration and co-existence of natural - unensembled - sound and its artificially created reflection. More than relying on melody, harmony and rhythm, these soundworks are constructed from the fundamental building blocks of music: texture, volume and time-elapse. A composition is made by arranging and re-arranging elements, large and small, by magnifying their characteristics, and by emphasizing the intrinsic value of the material.

selected discography

  1. product05 (split w/ freiband) / cronica / CD 2005
  2. kapotte muziek (split w/ richard chartier) / korm plastics / CD 2004
  3. mansdoof / absurd / CDR 2003
  4. scuba / boxmedia / CDR 2002
  5. tiende mixer - bratra / mixer / 7h 2002