The Alps


The ALPS are Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Alexis Georgopoulos and Scott Hewicker, a loose-knit collective of artists/musicians/writers very active in San Francisco's vital underground scene. The group specialize in spontaneous compositions of the out-limits variety, offering a SOUND that is ancient and new, intimate and enormous, ecstatic and expansive, and illuminated with white light.

The group are currently working on a follow-up record with engineer/producerPhilip Manley (The Fucking Champs, Trans Am, Oneida). In the coming months, thegroup will release a 12" on visual artist Chris Johanson's new imprint AwesomeVistas. The group will also contribute a song to Devendra Banhart's forthcomingtribute compilation devoted to the works of the Clive Palmer.

selected discography

  1. Jewelt Galaxies / Root Strata / CD-R 2005
  2. Spirit Shambles / Foxy Digitalis / CD-R 2006