Nao Sugimoto biography

mondii is the alias of Nao Sugimoto a resident in Tokyo, Japan working as a free lance record label A&R, designer, translator. Nao had grown up in Chicago, USA, learning piano from early on. He studied ethnic music at university and played guitar in several bands. In parallel he followed his interest in making solo music on computers. After working as a sound designer for TV commercials, he has started to run the Plop label. Nao has released from various international labels such as Hefty records, Lo recordings, Fuzzybox alongside many Japanese labels. He also plays in a band oriented project called RdL dealing with more live instruments and structured formats. Enna is his another side project that focuses on physical beat oriented tracks.The concept of his music varies in each tracks according to his state of mind and project.

Nao Sugimoto discography

mondii | solo
t:p Hefty Records US 1999 album mp3
Gu 9 "Constant Friction 2" Lo Recordings UK 2000 va  
fpf "Out" Flyrec JP 2001 va  
fpf "Fuzzyboombox vol.1" Fuzzybox US 2001 va  
Gu 9 ".rock" Shinkhai JP 2001 va  
Triplex "Leap" Quiet Records JP 2002 va mp3
Spher. "Micro Blue" Plop JP 2002 va  
Fields "60 sound artist protest the war" ATAK JP 2003 va  
Skimming "A certain aquarium" 360 Records JP 2004 va mp3
Loif "Condominium" Mousikelab IT 2004 va  
See/Saw "version guitar" Commune-Disc JP 2005 va  
Between "Small Melodies" Spekk JP 2005 va mp3
Flood "water music" Commune-Disc JP 2006 va  
Nature Out (w/naph)"Extract" Non Visual Objects AUT 2007 va mp3
mondii rmx "Pia Fraus remix" Kohvirecords EST 2005 remix
mondii rmx "Moli Herzog remixes" Ambivalence BEL 2007 remix
Water Lily "Resort-View" w/Iwamoto Hiroshi Novel-Sounds JP 2005 collab.
mondii rmx "Sangatsu remixes vol.3" Weather JP 2001 remix  
Kilmer "Afterhours Magazine" Afterhours JP 2000 extra cd  
First Noel "X'mas, omnibus" Flyrec / Ontonson JP 2002 extra cd  
Rememberence Tu M'p3 IT 2003 mp3  
Fleu Tu M'p3 IT 2004 mp3  
Water Lily (w/Iwamoto Hiroshi) Fabulat NOR 2005 mp3
RdL | band
Riddle "Weather V.A" Weather JP 2001 va  
MN2 "Childish Music" Staubgold GER 2005 va  
Finale "Small Melodies" Spekk JP 2005 va
RdL rmx "Springs, re:makes and mixes of RF" Odd Shaped Case US 2006 remix
Home "Afterhours Magazine" Afterhours JP 2000 extra cd  
enna | beats
Sometimes "Leap" Quiet Records JP 2002 va